As a kid in the Caribbean island of Barbados, music and singing was a refuge for Rianna from her father's drugs addiction and her parents' unstable marriage that would end when Rihanna was 14 year old. Def Jam recordings was the first label to invite Rihanna to audition. And in February 2005, she moved to USA and spent months recording and finalizing her album, that would come out in August the same year including her single "Pon de Replay" that hit number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.



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Celebrity life can be sometimes rough, with all the attention directed straight at you, one single mistake and it will be a scandal. Perhaps this is known for most people nowadays, but what they don’t know, or at least, don’t believe are the hundreds of rumors started every year about a certain celebrity. Most of them turn to be true whereas others gets denied but the celebrity themselves of media, and the latter plays a huge role in spreading or bringing the rumors into an utter halt.

Rihanna is an international pop star that has been in the field since 2005 with the release of her new album Music of the Sun, but what most people don’t know is that Rihanna started her career earlier than that, in 2003 she formed something similar to a band with two of her classmates. Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in 1988, and at the age of 16 she was already under contract with Def Jam Records. The album has managed to sell more than 2 million copies around the world, but perhaps what made Rihanna famous were the singles that followed which contribute in making her fame spread more quickly. After all this, the rest is history.

Most people think that Rihanna is just another American singer, but the truth is that she is from Barbados, an island to the west of Venezuela. The move to the United States when she was 16 after the audition she did with the famous producer Evan Rodgers who offered to take her with him, she agreed without hesitation, leaving her family behind, she left with the producer and started recording her first demo album.

Up until now, Rihanna is still making history that is celebrated by many of her fans. the hardcore fans of Rihanna are called “Rihanna’s Navy” by the singer herself, they can be found on Twitter making conversations about her and everything new trending in the context of singing and rivalry. Recently, a silent war was ignited between Rihanna and Beyonce, call it a silent, clever, atrocious war, that takes place on social media. This spark that ignited this war was nothing but a single like. A fan posted about how ‘poor’ the performance of the song “Formation” was performed by Beyonce at the Super Bowl 50, perhaps because it was very short to even notice, or that Bruno Mars simply dominated the show with his amazing dancing moves. The tweet was as follows “The fact that ’Desperado’ is HIGHER on the Bubbling under chart than a single performed to a global audience.” Desperado is a song in Rihanna’s last album under the name of Anti

What was even worse, assuming fans consider it as such, is that Rihanna quickly unliked the tweet, even though in a matter of few seconds, this move was not missed by Rihanna’s Navy or Beyonce’s BeyHive either, and now Twitter is ablaze with fans jumping at each others at the slightest opportunity to defend their idol.

After the success of her first album, she immediately started working on her second album that would be announced to public in 2006 with the single "SOS", and the album, only a week after its release, succeeded to sell thousands of copies. And for her exuberant and great works that reached great success, Rihanna was nominated to various Awards including the prestigious Grammys to which she was nominated in 2008 and 2012.

The private life of Rihanna has always made the headlines of news. In 2006 there were rumors that the star is in relation with her mentor Jay-Z but the two have always denied the allegations. Again in 2009, she topped the gossip headlines after she was a victim of domestic violence with her boyfriend, rapper Chris Brown.

After the incident Rihanna split with Brown, and she involved in a relationship with Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. She expressed her satisfaction of the relationship in many occasions, but it didn't take long time and the couple split. It seemed that Riri couldn't forget about her life love, Chris Brown, no matter what happened. And in 2012, Rihanna and Brown reconnected and rekindled their relationship and even worked on a song together, and that disappointed a lot of her fans.

Rihanna made appearance in the cinema in film "Battleship" released in May, 2012, but many critics see that it's not that good and her presence was mediocre.

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